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Eigen Sports

EIGEN Sports was founded in December 2017. The word EIGEN came from high German and its meaning is Proper, Own and also Pure. So we believe in Providing Proper Products as per customers requirements by doing the work purely by heart.

We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Kart Racing Products, Motor Sports Products, Sports Wear, Hoodies,Team Jerseys, Uniforms, Hoodies, tracksuits, Jogging Suits, Martial Arts Uniforms, Track Suits and much more has been serving its customers across the world with unique quality. Due to the fact that sophisticated raw material plays an important role in the creation of quality in products and whatsoever. Our management always eager and welcome the instructions and suggestions of its customers and employees that is way the quality remains at its peak every time.

Our  department is independent and encouraged by the top management to bring innovation in material and design in order to meet the future challenges.

We are also a child labor free organization. Our managements is strictly prohibits the use of child labor in the production of its all sort of products and carrying most modern machines for stitching in all type of departments to meet the current and potential demand of its customers.


We are in business to produce high quality products with a unique and independent perspective based on our strong, confident and professional origins.

Our motivation is to help you in reaching a specific goal. For this every purpose, we have employed the expertise of open-minded executives and with there energetic and practical experience, highly skilled labor, most modern machinery and information technology

We are eager to meet the growing need of our overseas customers quantitatively and qualitatively, with every possible lowest price and high quality, as we are exploiting both comparative and competitive advantages at the same time.

We Provide the required quality with competitive Prices.